What Fashionable Dogs Will Be Wearing This Fall

tape dog collar from thetapeworks.comWhat does a Greyhound Rescue group have in common with a Broadway play? They both use Gaffers Tape! The “traditional” market for gaffers tape is the entertainment industry. Used mostly to tape down cords and such so the performers don’t trip and hurt themselves. Here at thetapeworks.com we are used to selling lots of gaffers tape to Broadway shows, traveling musical groups, TV news programs, even the Super Bowl!! So inquiring minds just had to know what the Greyhounds were doing with gaffers tape.

Having lived in South Florida for a while, I know Greyhound Racing is a very big sport in those parts. Just like human athletes, they can’t compete forever. Although they may have been bred just for racing, there is life after the race for these dogs thanks to the wonderful volunteers of Greyhound Pets of America Daytona (www.greyhoundpetsdaytona.org). Part of their mission is to promote the Greyhound as a pet. They are incredibly sweet and loving dogs! The group rounds up the retired racers and, using a climate controlled truck, delivers them to other Greyhound Pets chapters and rescue groups located all over the US and Canada. This is a huge undertaking that requires a lot of organization and coordination. That is where the gaffers tape comes in.

Each delivery location is color coded. The gaffers tape is fashioned into a “collar” for each dog. All pertinent information is written on the gaffers tape collar. The coordinators like the gaffers tape because it is durable and comes in so many colors, and the writing doesn’t smudge. All information is just as legible at the delivery point as it was when the dogs started on their journey.

So now we know what Greyhounds do with gaffers tape!

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