How to Tape a Vinyl Dance Floor

Portable vinyl dance floors need tape for seaming when they are installed.

These floors can be taped with either vinyl or cloth tape.

Cloth tape (gaffers tape) provides some texture to the seam and lets a dancer locate a position on stage by feeling the seam with bare feet or through thin soled dance shoes.

Vinyl tape provides a texture similar to the surface of the vinyl floor and, when properly applied, can provide a dance surface the feels seamless.

Here are some tips to insure that your vinyl dance floor is properly installed:


1. Make sure that your floor is warm enough. It needs to be at least 72 degrees.

Floors that have been stored in cold spaces need at least 24 hours to acclimate before you attempt to unroll them.


2. Be sure that seams are properly mated and as close together as possible before taping.

Space between pieces of vinyl will spread when the floor is danced on if the space is greater than 1/16 inch.


3. Extend the tape used for seaming beyond the end of the seam.

Secure it directly to the sub-floor or stage.


4. Keep the floor clean. Damp mopping with a mild cleaning solution will usually get the job done.

Refer to the manufacturers recommendations for cleaning your vinyl dance floor.


5. Install vinyl on a clean sub-floor (stage).

Always sweep or vacuum before unrolling the vinyl.


6.  If you tap dance on a vinyl floor, you may get a build up of black aluminum oxide.

This should be cleaned on a regular basis, after each use of the floor.


7.  Vinyl dance floors, when well cared for, may last as long as 15 years.

Proper storage and cleaning are keys to long life.


8. Placing of heavy set pieces or furniture can create permanent indentations in a vinyl dance floor.

Use pads under any heavy items or sharp points. is your source for “all the news that’s fit to stick”. Send us your interesting tape news and we’ll share it with the world!

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