Half Way Between “Too Sticky” and “Not Sticky Enough”

guitarAdhesive backed Velcro is a great product for a long term solution when you need to stick two things together and then remove them, over and over.

The problem with adhesive backed Velcro is that is is designed for a long term, “semi permanent” solution, so it does not remove easily or cleanly. You can get it off, but it sometimes damages the surfaces to which it is attached, and usually leaves a hard to remove adhesive residue.

Country singer Keith Urban’s guitar tech has a unique way to use adhesive backed Velcro, along with gaffers tape, to attach guitar devices to the top of Keith’s amplifiers, without damage or adhesive residue.

By placing a patch of gaffers tape (no residue-no damage upon removal) and then attaching the Velcro to that, it can later be removed without problems.

You can see this process in action in this video.


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