Compostable Tape? We Love That Idea

Green duct tape from

As a business model, selling a product that must be purchased over and over because it can’t be reused is a good one. Tape is a great example.

Environmentally, it is something of a disaster.

All of that tape used to temporarily hold down cables is going to end up in the trash, usually after just one use. Major production companies and audio visual producers simply consider it a cost of doing business.

Getting rid of used tape is another matter. Most of it ends up in a landfill, never to be thought of again.

Recent advances in biodegradable tape can lessen that impact.

A German tape manufacturer thinks that they may have solved this problem.

Tape made using the monta innovation process makes tape biodegradable. It will actually compost over just a few months.

You can read about Monta Biopack and its line of “green” tape by clicking here.
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