Caution Tape Provides Good Advice To The Newborn

caution tape from thetapeworks.comAugust is sea turtle season on the North Carolina beaches.  Loggerhead turtles lay their eggs on N.C. beaches in mid-June, and now is the time when the eggs of this endangered species begin to hatch.

The Caswell Beach Turtlewatch has taken the lead in one North Carolina community in helping to insure that newborn turtles get a chance to make it from the beach to the open ocean.

After securing nests to protect them from predators like foxes, they count the days until it is time for the turtles to hatch.

When they think that it is time for the turtles to be born, they create a walkway to the sea and mark the nest with caution barricade tape to make sure that the newborns  find their way to the water. is your source for “all the news that’s fit to stick”. Send us your interesting tape news and we’ll share it with the world!


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